Your Source for Plastic Hose Fittings, Adapters, Panelmounts & Bulkheads

Glennco Fittings is your single source solution for plastic hose fittings and tubing components for almost any application. Glennco has over 20 years of molding and fittings experience, featuring exclusive, highly versatile molds, built in-house. Owner Eric Aragon has spent his career  producing high-quality, innovative molded components for various industries, as well as custom applications for major corporate entities nationally and internationally.

All products are manufactured in-house in the USA.

Plastic Tube Fittings & Components for your application

Fittings from Glennco offer secure, leak-proof connections. Glennco single plastic barb fittings feature no parting line, allowing for a clean, secure connection. And with thousands of configurations available, there’s never a problem finding the fitting that’s right for your application. Glennco manufactures and designs single barb and threaded fittings for flexible plastic tubing in sizes ranging from:

  • Barb:   1/16-inch ID-  3/8-inch ID
  • Threads:   10-32 UNF to 1/8 -inch NPT

Depending on the particular applications, fittings are available in several material options including black nylon, natural nylon, polypropylene and PDVF (Kynar®).

Glennco Fittings manufactures and designs plastic tube fittings for a wide range of applications and industries including industrial automation, water analysis, robotics, commercial vacuuming, tooling, retail manufacturing, bump testing equipment, and more!

Custom Solutions

Glennco Fittings also offers custom products and design/engineering services. With years of experience and expertise, Glennco Fittings can help you develop a customized solution for your application or work from your spec to create the ideal fitting for your project. From material selection to fitting configuration, Glennco can provide options and suggestions to meet your specific requirements and product parameters. Glennco Fittings offers complete prototyping services as well to keep projects on time and on budget. Contact us to learn more.

Service & Support

You can expect personalized service and exceptional response time. All work is done in-house with specialized molding equipment, allowing for precision components and fast turn around times!